I pray that you are having a great week and everyone is safe and healthy.


Below you will find a couple of matters regarding the reopening process of our church. There are a few things that we all need to know and understand as our worship experience will be a little different. As we step into this moment we need to be aware that there will be a new normal for just a little while. We are choosing to embrace the mindset of becoming #BetterThanNormal.


As I mentioned, things will look different; how we enter and exit the building, how we are seated, the use of restrooms, and the ministries that we will be able to host on site. With all of these changes, I want you to know this is temporary, and this too shall pass.


I want to thank you, in advance, for your prayers for our church as we walk through the days ahead. Together, I know we are going to see some great victories. 


I pray that the Lord would bless you and keep you, and to make His face shine upon you.

I look forward to worshiping with you soon,


Kurt Cullison

Lead Pastor

Saginaw First Assembly

Saginaw First Assembly - Reopening Plan


We are excited to see the day approaching that will allow us to worship together at Saginaw First Assembly. 


I want you to know that we have had many conversations as a staff and church board concerning a plan to re-open our facility. We are currently taking great steps to prepare our facility for services. We are currently installing touch-less soap and towel dispensers in all of our restrooms. We will also be placing several touch-less hand sanitizers throughout the facility. We encourage you to use them often. 


We are all aware that everything we currently know today may change again in the days ahead. We will continue to keep you updated as we are made aware of those changes.


I want you to know that if you are high risk or maybe you have an underlying health condition, please continue to attend our online services during our reopening process.

We care about your health and safety.


We will use the following guidelines once we are holding services again.

Guidelines for Your Safety

Sanctuary pews will be clearly marked for seating to allow for social distancing.  We will observe the federal guideline standard of six feet between family units.


We will have main services only. There will be no kids ministry, activities, nursery, childcare, LifeClasses, Wednesday night activities, choir, or small groups. It is heart wrenching for us not to be able to open our children’s ministry area, however, there are just too many touch points for it to operate in accordance with the touch-free guidelines set forth by the state. 


We welcome anyone who chooses to wear masks. We will ask our greeters and ushers to wear a mask while serving people.


We will not distribute any bulletins or printed materials.  We also encourage you to continue to give online as we will not receive the offering in the typical manner. Offering envelopes will still be available in the pews. Any gifts, tithes, and offerings can be dropped touch-free with ushers as you leave the service. 


Common areas and gathering spaces of the building will be closed. That includes the cafe, the family care room and any place where people might congregate. We will not be serving food or drinks. 


Before, during and after our Sunday service, the sanctuary and all high-touch surfaces will be disinfected.


Touch-less hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the building.  We encourage their frequent use. 


Entering & Exiting the Building

Our doors will open 20 minutes before service. When you enter the building, please be sure to observe all social distancing guidelines. When you enter the sanctuary you will be directed to a seating area for your family. We know that many have a favorite spot to sit. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


After service, we will dismiss you and direct you on exiting the building to ensure a quick and safe exit.


We know that things are a little different in this season and maybe even a little uncomfortable for some, but we are believing the best days are ahead for the Church!

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